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Sarcophagus with Cupids and shield

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


The sarcophagus is made of white marble. The surface is damaged and minor parts are missing and a few completely destroyed. Traces of black and red contours around the feathers of the cupids wings are still visible to the naked eye.

Description of object

Two cupids wearing short cloaks hold a shield with an inscription. At each end of the front a cupid moves away, but looks back towards the shieldbearers. A plan stump supports the shield. In front of it a cockfight has just ended.

Lower ends of the torches, right arm of ‘umpire’ and other minor parts missing. Surface damaged; surface on upper part of cupid on far right completely destroyed. On lower corner of right narrow side remains of sawn surface of block. Traces of black and red contours around feathers of wings. Interior has rounded corners; head rest at right end; drain hole at left end; hole through front between legs of right shield bearer covered. Back roughly tooled with point.

Choice of methods

Visual examination

  • Macroscopic

Technical imaging

  • VIL

Technical imaging

VIL-imaging was performed whit out result


F. Poulsen (1951), Catalogue of Ancient Sculpture in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, cat. no. 788b.

J.S. Østergaard (1996), Catalogue. Imperial Rome. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, 129-131, cat. no. 55.

  • IN 2626
  • Sarcophagus
  • Late 2nd century C.E.
  • Roman Imperial
  • White marble
  • Bought in Rome in 1913 from Palazzo Corsini.
  • H. 88 cm.; L. 227 cm.; W. 100 cm.

Selected photos

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