Film “Transformations – Classical sculpture in colour”

There is something you don't see. Antiquity was white – as white as marble! For hundreds of years this fact has been one of the mainstays in the story of the origin of Western culture: and it remains firmly anchored in the notion we still have of our own culture today. This autumn’s major special exhibition at the Glyptotek turns the idea of the white world of Antiquity upside down and shows that Greek and Roman sculpture were colourful to a degree.

Where do we see it? Tracking the colours of classical antiquity. Join research curator Jan Stubbe Østergaard on a guided tour and discover the traces of colour.

How do the scientists work? Visit the laboratory, meet the scientists and discover the advanced, almost detective-like scientific methods used.

How to colour white marble - from original to reconstruction. In the workshop. Follow the reconstruction of a 2.000 year-old craft, when we bring a marble copy to life with original pigments

How do we know? - Historical evidence about colors.

Why has the knowledge of colours been forgotten? - White Europe

What colors do we find? - Historic pigments.

How important is the exhibition? - The scientists respond

What is our view of classic sculpture in colour? - Transformations.