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Fragment with blue frit coating

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


A large fragment with blue frit coating. Darker blue on the outside, with a coarse red clay background.

Description of object

A large very coarse sherd tempered with straw: blue frit coating inside. From the production of Egyptian blue.

Choice of methods

Visual examination

  • Macroscopic

Technical imaging

  • VIL


  • Lead isotope analysis


Alexandra S. Rodler, Gilberto Artioli, Sabine Klein, Rainer Petschick, Peter Fink-Jensen, & Cecilie Brøns (2017) "Provenancing ancient pigments: Lead isotope analyses of the copper compound of Egyptian blue pigments from ancient Mediterranean artefacts.”

The tile is mentioned in Historical Studies, 35-36 (large jars with “the most brilliant coating”)

  • ÆIN 1262
  • Fragment
  • Late Ptolemaic / Early Roman, 1st century B.C.
  • Egypt: Late Period
  • Fired Nile clay with Egyptian blue
  • Acquisition unknown.
  • H: 12cm; W: 11.5 cm; thickness: 2.5 cm.

Selected photos

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