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Portait bust of Livia

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


Portrait of Livia.

Description of object

A part of the right chest has broken off. Furthermore, a piece of the hair knot is missing, which allegedly was made in a different material than marble (probably plaster). The bust represents a portrait of Livia Drusilla/Augusta (58 BC-29 AD), the wife of emperor Augustus. Her long hair is arranged in a central knot, nodus, at the back of her neck. A central pad of hair is placed on centrally at the forehead, and small locks of hair are also visible at the forehead and on the cheeks. Along both sides of her head, twisted locks of wavy hair is arranged. Contours are visible running from each eye diagonally downwards to the cheeks. Contours are also visible around her small mouth. Two horizontal lines are indicated on her neck. On both her left and right shoulder a strap from a sleeveless garment is visible.

Choice of methods

Technical imaging

  • VIL


F. Johansen (1994), Catalogue Roman Portraits I . Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, 96-97. cat. no. 85.

  • IN 1444
  • Portrait bust
  • Original: 27-23 B.C.E. Copy: 4th century C.E. or later.
  • Roman Imperial
  • Marble
  • Bought in 1896 from the Greek-Egyptian art dealer Alexander Dingli via Valdemar Schmidt.
  • H. 34 cm.

Selected photos

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